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Ocean Freight Shipping is a vital part of the global supply chain, allowing businesses to transport large quantities of goods and materials overseas by boat. At Ocean Freight Shipping, we offer a range of ocean freight services to suit the needs of our diverse client base. We, Curent International Freight, are also popular in having a method of transporting goods internationally, and there are various stages involved in the process.

First, there is the booking stage, where the shipper contacts the ocean freight shipping company to reserve space on a vessel for their cargo. The shipping company will then provide a quote and schedule for the shipment.

Next is the packing and pickup stage, where the shipper is responsible for properly packing and labeling the cargo and making arrangements for it to be picked up by the shipping company.

The cargo is loaded onto the vessel at the port of origin and begins its voyage to the destination port. The shipping company is responsible for safe and timely cargo transport during the transit stage.

Upon arrival at the destination port, the cargo goes through customs clearance, where it is inspected, and any applicable duties and taxes are paid.

After customs clearance, the cargo is unloaded from the vessel and prepared for delivery to the consignee by truck, rail, or another mode of transportation.

The final stage is delivery, where the cargo is delivered to the consignee at the agreed-upon location.

Ocean freight shipping is a reliable and cost-effective way to transport large quantities of goods internationally. By understanding the different stages of the process, shippers can better plan and prepare for their shipments. Consider Ocean Freight Shipping if you require dependable and effective ocean freight services. Contact our experts immediately to discuss your shipping needs and obtain a quote.