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There are many ways to beautify and improve the appearance of a room's interior. One of them uses carpet. Rugs are floor mats made from a variety of materials, from natural to synthetic. Like filament or wool. Some even use synthetic fibers. For carpet cleaning, you can contact us at deep carpet cleaning Palm Beach.

After understanding the many uses of carpet, now we will share tips for you about cleaning the carpet in an easy way.

- Spread the carpet on the floor, then vacuum or remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner.

- Stretch the carpet by hanging it on a clothesline made of bamboo or iron pipes with a strong enough support.

- Spray the carpet with cold water. It would be better if you use a pressurized sprayer, such as the one usually used to wash a car or motorcycle.

- Use carpet shampoo or soap/detergent that is usually used to wash clothes.

- Brush by hand or brush gently on the dirty areas of the carpet. Don't brush too hard so the hair doesn't fall out.

- Once clean, rinse with a non-hard (gentle) spray, and let the water carry all the dirt off the carpet.

- Give softener (softener) by dissolving with enough cold water, as needed.

- Dry the carpet by hanging it in the wind in a place that is not directly exposed to sunlight so that the carpet fur is not rough.

- Sprinkle with baking soda (to remove odors and absorb moisture) after the carpet is fully dried. Allow a few moments then clean the baking soda by sucking the vacuum cleaner until it is clean.

- Roll or fold the carpet according to the standards that have been set, then put it in a plastic wrap bag so it doesn't get dirty with dust.

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