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The business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce platform news for digital products wholesale strategy is selling goods in bulk and at a discount to other companies rather than to consumers. In this way, you operate as a middleman between the distributor and the retailer rather than the creator of the goods.

We'll discuss in-depth the modern B2B buyer, the benefits of eCommerce for wholesalers, and what to look for in a wholesale eCommerce shop in this post.

Whether you're trying to break into the wholesaler industry or you just want to understand how it works, it's important to grasp the differences between the many kinds of wholesalers that are out there.

The three wholesalers that firms are most likely to interact with and see are as follows:

1. Merchant Wholesalers
The typical business model is aligned with merchant wholesalers. They purchase a lot of goods from the producer and then market them directly to companies.

These distributors frequently have extensive market knowledge, experience, and history.

Building a relationship with merchant wholesalers can be beneficial for eCommerce companies wanting to break into the wholesale market because they are frequently among the most reputable professionals.

2. Agents/Brokers
In the wholesaling sector, either directly for merchant wholesalers or as independent contractors, agents and brokers are in charge of negotiating contracts with manufacturers.

In their tasks, which are self-explanatory, they seek to negotiate the best price for the wholesaler they are collaborating with. Knowing the wholesaling market's financials has helped them become experts in the field.

3. Sales and Distribution
Teams from sales and distribution usually operate out of a manufacturer's office. They are in charge of organizing wholesale deals, from determining the prices of their goods to actually selling them.

Because of their close ties to manufacturers, they are frequently regarded with less trust than the other two categories of wholesalers when it comes to developing fair sales strategies.