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Machine learning or machine learning has been widely applied in various fields of life. The rapid development of technology has penetrated various aspects of life. Including machine learning technology or even the datasets for machine learning synthesis ai. Without us realizing it, we have become users of machine learning, by utilizing machine learning in our daily lives. Here are some examples.

We start with the most familiar: Google. Surely we all realize that the Google Search Bar has an autosuggest or autocomplete feature. Through this feature, we get word or phrase recommendations even before we finish typing. For example, we type the word: "place to eat". Then Google will give recommendations: where to eat near, where to eat in the city, and so on. Amazingly, these recommendations can vary depending on your history and preferences. The recommendation process through autosuggest is one example of the application of machine learning.

The next use of machine learning is a recommendation system. Apps like Youtube, Netflix, and Spotify leverage models with machine learning algorithms to provide video or song recommendations according to the user's unique preferences. The goal is that we as users have the opportunity to stay longer on their apps. Another example of a machine learning application is the Facebook homepage or Twitter timeline. Facebook displays posts from our closest Facebook friends or posts with topics that we are interested in to increase engagement. Machine learning is also used to search for people which then appears in the section: “People you may know”.

A chatbot is a facility that makes it easy for buyers and sellers on online store websites. The existence of a chatbot allows questions from buyers to be answered automatically by bots, without having to wait for an online seller. Of course, this will make the shopping process faster and more practical. This chatbot is also an example of a machine learning product that is trained to respond to questions or words addressed to it. Using previously collected data, machine learning can help find data trends that can be used to provide product recommendations, so that consumers can be attracted to make repeat purchases.