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In the current era, trading in digital currencies is very promising for millennials. One of the trading that is known to the public is advanced forex trading Malaysia. In this trading, many people have registered and got a lot of profit, because this is a form of investment with high risk and high profit.

Before starting trading, we should know many things about forex trading. Here are some of the features and systems found in forex trading.

Take Profit Order
It is painful and depressing to be in a profitable position at the same time only to come back and find that the price reversal has reduced or even lost your profits. The take-profit order freezes the resulting profit and protects it from losses in the event of a price reversal.

Interest Rate History Calculator
Every trader needs historical data showing the exchange rate of the selected currency pair. This helps traders determine how price action is likely to occur over a given period of time. A historical price calculator is simply an Instrument that traders can use to analyze historical price movements and predict future price behavior.

Pip Value Calculator
The pip value is not easy to calculate. They offer different values for different currency pairs, which can confuse even the best math traders.

Dynamic Point Calculator
Using the closing, high and low values of the current period, the pivot calculator calculates resistance and support levels for up to four currency pairs simultaneously. By selecting the desired formula, you will get the results for the pivot point, midpoint, support level, or resistance level.

Social network
One of the new phenomena in forex trading is the emergence of social networks based on forex trading. In this network, marketers come together to exchange ideas and support each other.