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Merchandise is any product that is intended as a gift. In this case, merchandise is given free of charge to people who have participated in or carried out activities required by the manufacturer of the product, while gifts are products that are made to be sold as well as Crypto Gifts that are given to consumers specifically in relation to it.

The following are some of the purposes of merchandise, consisting of:

Personal touch
A personal touch seems to be a strong reason why the merchandise is chosen as one of the promotional media. The closeness between the company and its audience through an item can be more intertwined because of the intensity of contact between the audience and the merchandise as a company representative.

Moreover, if the goods selected as merchandise are used continuously by the audience concerned, then gradually the relationship between the two will also grow and ultimately foster emotional closeness with the company they represent.

Differentiation, or differentiating oneself from other parties, can also be shown through the use and selection of goods as merchandise for promotion.

Instead of a company only using conventional promotional media, such as print advertisements in newspapers, the company can choose unique everyday items, which consumers and potential customers use consciously or not.

An observant company will maximize the hidden potential of an item in order to enter its promotional messages into the minds of consumers. This is where the differentiation with merchandise is compared to promotions using conventional media.

Unconsciousness brand development
It is also important to remember that there is a trend nowadays that there are too many advertisements strewn everywhere and all of them convey their message to consumers. Advertising in conventional media clearly shows the offers and promises of a brand, but over time consumers will be tired of the constant bombardment of messages.