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Want to add a new carpet at home but you doubt because the price is very expensive? Why not try to make your carpet at home? You can try the method below to make your carpet. However, don't forget to take care of it at magic cleaning flooring and carpet.

Tools and Materials for Making Carpets
First of all, you need to prepare the tools and materials needed to make the carpet. What do you need?
• patchwork/sheets;
• Sewing machine;
• Scissor;
• Ironing;
• Safety pins;
• Cotton carpet upholstery.

After all, you have, follow the steps below.

1. Prepare a Tile Fabric for Making Carpets
The first way to make a rug is to prepare materials to make the rugs needed. Put the cloth that will be used on the floor to see the presence or absence of folds.
Make sure the fabric to be used is still pretty good. If it is going to be used, cut the side fabric that is not used.

2. Enter the Carpet Upholstery
Place the cotton/foam upholstery on the bottom of the patterned fabric. Make sure the size is the same or even smaller one centimeter yes. This is done so that the edges of the carpet can be sewn and the results are neater.

3. Tighten the Foam with a Safety Pin
How to make the next carpet that is not less important is to install safety pins in all parts of the carpet. Attach the pins in several parts to ensure all layers do not shift from one another.

4. Prepare a Plain Fabric to Make a Carpet Edge
Make four pieces of patternless fabric whose length matches the sides of the carpet. The bigger, the more fabric needed. This fabric will be used as a connection on the edge of the carpet to make it look nicer and luxurious.

5. Sew the edge of the fabric
Fold all four fabrics to be sewn on the edges. This will form a boundary to make it easier when sewn. You can also press it using an iron so that the lines appear more real.

6. Hold back the fabric with a pin
Use a pin or safety pin to make the cloth do not move.

7. Neatly sewed the edge of the carpet
The final step in the series of ways to make this carpet ends with sewing all the edges of the carpet until the meeting. Don't forget to sew the side of the carpet until it's really neat and the carpet can be used immediately!

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