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Baby walkers are tools that are commonly used to help children learn to walk without the need to be supervised anywhere. This tool is equipped with four wheels and a seat with two holes for the baby's feet. In general, tools are made to make it easier for babies to walk or learn to walk. Parents may already have a baby rocker from when their child is 0-5 months old. However, is a baby walker from needed when the baby is learning to walk?

The answer is no. The use of this tool when the baby is learning to walk is not recommended by experts. Not without reason, baby walkers can hinder the baby's learning process. Not only that, but the use of this tool also increases the risk of accidents, making it dangerous for your little one. To be clear, find out the facts about baby walkers for learning to walk below!

Baby Walker for Learning to Walk
Baby walker for learning to walk is something that parents have long believed. However, this is not recommended by experts. The reason is that the use of this tool can hinder the walking process and harm the Little One. The use of a baby walker to learn to walk is said to cause a baby to have an accident.

Risks that may occur due to the use of a baby walker include the risk of head injury, fractures, and burns. This risk can occur when:
• Baby walker fell down the stairs.
• Baby walker tipping over on an uneven surface.
• Your little one reaches a bucket or basin of water that could be dangerous.

Do Baby Walkers Help Children Walk?
Again, the answer is no. A baby walker does not help your little one walk faster than a child who does not use this device. This tool can reduce his desire to learn because there are alternatives that make it easier for him to walk. Here are some reasons why baby walkers are not recommended for use:

• Increases the risk of muscle tension. The reason is that the baby walker allows your little one to stand and walk on their toes.
• The baby walker keeps your little one from seeing their feet when walking. As a result, they could not learn how to balance their body.