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Personal Injury Foundations

Personal injury laws are applicable in a wide range of circumstances, and a santa ana personal injury attorney can help resolve them as well:

Instances, where someone is careless and harms another person, fall under the purview of personal injury laws. To name a, examples are medical malpractice, slip-and-fall accidents, and auto accidents. Study up on negligence in circumstances involving personal injuries.

Deliberate Actions
Instances in which an accused person intentionally hurts another person are covered by personal injury laws. A few examples of this are intentional torts like assault and battery.

Error-Producing Products
Anyone injured by the use of a product may be able to bring a product liability claim against the manufacturer if it turns out that the product—whether it be a consumer good, medical device, pharmaceutical, or other—is defective or excessively hazardous.

When someone is harmed by a defamatory statement made by another, personal injury statutes apply.

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