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Cleaning Methods By Carpet Cleaning Mosman

If the carpet in your home is starting to get dirty and uncomfortable to use, you don't even have enough time to wash it, a Mosman carpet cleaner is the solution to your problem.

Our professional and trained staff have the capability to provide carpet cleaning services in your home. We use the latest equipment and technology that are environmentally friendly, so it won't make your carpet worse. The dryer that we offer for your carpet also doesn't take a long time.

We can clean many types of carpets, such as polyester, wool, acrylic, and other types of carpet. No need to worry if your carpet is too big or thick. Mosman carpet cleaners can solve many problems on your carpet.

Some of the carpet cleaning processes that we can do include:

Dry Vacuum and Chemical Polish
The first thing we will do is vacuum using a dry vacuum machine. This process aims so that dust and dirt on the carpet can be sucked up easily. Next is to apply shampoo so that it can lift dirt and dust that sticks to the surface of the carpet. This process will make the texture of the carpet that was originally crusty become soft again. The shampoo we use can also kill germs and bacteria.

Wet Vacuum and Blower
We will carry out the process of removing chemicals or shampoo using the wet vacuum method. This method is also very useful for removing shampoo residue to make it even cleaner. Next is drying after previously the carpet was wet. The blower we use will save your carpet drying time.

All the processes we carry out in washing your carpet will certainly be more satisfying than cleaning it yourself. Certainly more practical and efficient. The quality of our service is worth the affordable price!
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